the mindspace..

Got some heal pics lately of some tattoo projects that I wanted to highlight that have been worked on over the last year or so..

Been working on some super fun stuff lately.. put in time on some big projects, a couple of those I’d like to share below. I’m really stoked that I’ve been getting to work on material that includes ancient Egyptian, Greek and Norse themes.

Back in the early 2000’s I was big into Age of Empires on the PC; there was a game in that franchise entitled Age of Mythology which took the RTS old-world theme even further by putting you in control of either ancient Egyptian, Greek or Norse culture, with upgrades and creatures that hinged on the spiritual traditions of those cultures. Ultimately, you could play as one of the gods of these ancient societies, it was so cool.

I love the old world stories, the mythos, the fables, the legends that folks have held dear to this day. I can certainly relate to that on a personal level. It’s so much fun getting to work with this kind of material.

Also, started another pinball machine project..

The Weighing of the Heart…
Fenrir vs. Cerberus..
Pinball habitrail for a side project..

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