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Exploring sub-categories for the website to show other completed tattoos and a way to show pics of art concepts, illustrations and other renderings without becoming confusing for site navigation. Of just tattoos and illustrations, I have a vast amount of material; so I’m figuring out how to keep all that nice and concise. More to follow…


Been having a blast doing things lately, but my head is elsewhere right now..

Currently, I’m jamming out to some pretty nutty psytrance.. psytrance is one of those things, it’s always bouncing in and out of my primary interests, but has been there for a fairly long time, like over 20 years or so. I love psychedelic weirdness, not so much cheesy psychedelic for the sake of being “trippy”, but truly mind-altering, soul-searching psychedelia.. shit that makes you stare into space and ponder so-called reality’s fabric interface.. the drop of water enters the ocean and thusly, the ocean enters the drop of water..

Speaking of universal ponderings, I f*cking love playing Elite: Dangerous.. damn, the creators of this game got this down to a science. It’s not even so much a game, but a simulation. If you like flying around in space, getting into ship-to-ship combat, doing espionage missions (or sabotage missions), landing on planets, making money through trading goods and even risking dying from hypothermia or suffocation due to your ship’s systems shutting down when you armed your weapons because you were a dumbass and those weapons drew too much power from your ship’s core when you installed them, then this is for you. I f*cking love this; it’s like a good sci-fi novel that you can cozy up to, relax and get lost in.

Been enjoying my D&D campaign at the shop a lot.. gotta say, never thought I’d enjoy playing a cleric as much as I have (albeit, he’s a Lizarfolk, which makes it waaaaay more fun), but look at the pic above; I miss playing my barbarian character. Simple, to the point, f*cking shit up is what he does, and rolling nat 20’s seems to be a characteristic of his.  Kinda makes me ponder a little bit on a traditional spell caster versus a non-spellcaster (at least till higher levels).. yeh, spells are dope and all, but it’s nice when you have a minimalist approach of kill the absolute f*ck out of everything. And if it moves, kill it some more. That’s one of the reasons why I like Conan.. dude didn’t take shit from anyone lol. ..and here’s a little mech I made out of printer paper, because mechs are dope. Until next time..

The website has been completely revamped. All portfolio and art galleries could be subject to change as I develop archives for imagery. I’m considering putting together a concept art book for folks to look through at the shop, on top of my physical portfolio that I already have.

A lot of stuff has been in progress lately and I’m looking forward to releasing new works and material shortly. I’ll still be using Instagram for communication and periodic story updates, but I’m placing emphasis on this website to post all images of my works.

The “odds & ends” section will be updated as regularly as possible, hopefully once a week or every two weeks, with new info on current projects, thoughts, theories and other randomness.

More to follow…


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