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Satisfied with how the website update is turning out..


A new year opens up and I’m looking forward to getting back into this website. I admit, I’ve neglected it a fair bit this last year, probably because of what a f*cking crazy year it was.  If I’m a betting man, I’m pretty sure 2021 is going to be really interesting also. That being said though, I’m moving forward with my process.

I’ll be making some changes to the website such as updating the tattoo, concepts and tools sections; there’s a TON of new content that I need to go through and place on the site. I’m going to keep the format of the website the same, but there will be different pictures and content all over the place, so I appreciate your, the viewer’s, patience in letting me work through all of this in order to present a product that I feel truly represents where I am as a creator and as an individual.

I’ve relied heavily on Instagram to share my content, but as time has gone on I’ve realized how one-dimensional social media is for marketing. While it is a fairly effective tool, it is heavily skewed and completely misses the mark on a lot of stuff. I’ll keep my page up on Instagram, I’ve made the mistake of deleting a couple of times in the past and I’m ok with that, we all evolve in our own way. It will be used in tandem with this website, however, I’d like to put more emphasis on this site because it allows me to truly convey the experience within the process that I’m attempting to translate through this digital medium.


This has been a crazy year to say the least. I’m happy to say though, that the new Astral Workshop studio is up and running. Hit me up if you’d like to continue a project or start a new one..

It’s also dawned on me just how much art I have floating around that I’d like to compose it all into a book or two and as an index of available art to be tattooed.

Plus, t-shirts are coming out soon..

More to follow..


So, I’ve finally finished creating a game.. it’s a puzzle sci-fi game made from metal and it’s been a lot of fun to work on.. check it out in the Concepts / Renderings section.  Currently, I’m aiming to build about 4 or 5 machines over the next few weeks to build up my stock, one is almost finished which I’ll post.. but, I’m wanting to make my own versions of the ancient Norse chess-like game “Hnefatafl” and the equally ancient Middle Eastern game “Alquerque” over the next couple months or so. I’m thinking about vending at Fort Collins Comic Con this year and if I do, I’d like to showcase these games along some other merch.. so we’ll see!

Have an awesome week 🙂


Crazy that we’re in a new decade.. let’s see what the 20’s bring..

Been pretty busy since the last post, working on tattoo projects, knives, tattoo machines, a work table and just put together a new game on a whim. As always, I’ll be adding content to the site, but seriously, I’ve got to figure a way to archive stuff in a user-friendly way, because the volume of material I have to share is massive and to just throw everything onto the site would make it overwhelming. Meanwhile, a couple of metal projects I’ve worked on:

Art table.. super fun working at this scale, but pretty challenging as well. This is my dedicated work surface at the shop when I’m not tattooing.

Key chain bottle openers / chisels.. these made fun Solstice gifts. I’d like to make more utilitarian tools like these; it’s fun being able to put a slight spin on such a well established item.

until next post.. 🙂


Currently building out content for the on-going tattoo page (highlights in-progress, unfinished projects) and the newly added tattoo gallery page..


It’s been a busy last couple of months, some highlights from this last week:

From left to right,

-the outline for this multi-coverup, bio-form back piece is now completed after laying in these blue line cube patterns, next session we’ll be diving right into color, starting with the bumblebee most likely and radiating outward.

-stoked about the first shading session of this Santa Muerte half-sleeve.. I wanted to go more traditional black and grey with this one, so I used grey washes to build out the tonal range.

-really excited about the grey, gradient fields in this lower section of a sleeve I’m working on. I’d like to expand into doing more stuff like this with large, sweeping gradient fields.

Additionally, I’ve been grinding away building a couple of tattoo machines and hand pokers for folks, as well as trying my hand at knife making, which has been a hugely rewarding process.  As I move further along with it, I’ll be experimenting with different metals and making handles.

…and after a lengthy break, I’ve finally gotten some more work done on my tabletop game I’ve been developing for the last couple of years. Currently, the rules are written up and the game is ready to be play tested, so I’ll get around to that hopefully sooner than later. Right now, I’m working on artwork for the game and tightening things up. Back to work…


I’ll be adding new pics and updating sections on the site soon 🙂


Can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my last post, lol..


Took this last week and half off from tattooing to kick back a little bit. I was able to get some time in on my tabletop game, revise the ruleset, make changes to customizable character power-ups and abilities and also got a website for it, though I haven’t launched it, so I’ll post that soon.

I’ve also got new tattoo images of finished as well as on-going projects, a new machine build and other new works that I’m going to be adding to the website. Again, I’m going to figure out an archival system for tattoos pics (there’s too many fun ones to choose from) to keep up on the website as new projects are posted.


It’s been an intense last couple of weeks: big tattoo projects, new tool builds, traveling out to California to name a couple of things. No complaints though; it might all happen quick and heavy, but the memories and experience gained are priceless.


Trips to Cali always go too quick.. Bay Area has always been a favorite of mine. Until next time..


Exploring sub-categories for the website to show other completed tattoos and a way to show pics of art concepts, illustrations and other renderings without becoming confusing for site navigation. Of just tattoos and illustrations, I have a vast amount of material; so I’m figuring out how to keep all that nice and concise. More to follow…


Been having a blast doing things lately, but my head is elsewhere right now..

I f*cking love playing Elite: Dangerous.. damn, the creators of this game got this down to a science. It’s not even so much a game, but a simulation.

Been enjoying my D&D campaign at the shop a lot.. gotta say, never thought I’d enjoy playing a cleric as much as I have (albeit, he’s a Lizarfolk, which makes it waaaaay more fun)....and here’s a little mech I made out of printer paper, because mechs are dope. Until next time..

The website has been completely revamped. All portfolio and art galleries could be subject to change as I develop archives for imagery. I’m considering putting together a concept art book for folks to look through at the shop, on top of my physical portfolio that I already have.

A lot of stuff has been in progress lately and I’m looking forward to releasing new works and material shortly. I’ll still be using Instagram for communication and updates.

The “odds & ends” section will be updated as regularly as possible..

More to follow…

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