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pinball game table –

An exploration into pinball mechanics and gameplay.. a smaller table, with an array of in-table obstacles and score making logistics for fast play. Originally, I was going to add Arduino circuit board capacity, but I wanted to experiment more with the manipulation of the silver ball itself by both the player and the board’s environment. 

Path (a puzzle game)

“Path” is a sliding puzzle game built loosely around the “klocki” layout, however, there are a few different modes of setup. From the core puzzle spawns a deep sci-fi game.. find your path..

Zon (a game of far-future combat) –

“Things have changed, for the Old World is gone…”

Enter the far-flung future, into a world where warrior codes are tantamount to holding together the fabric of society.. fight face-to-face with your opponent, but be warned: that fancy gear you’re using is no good if you don’t exercise your skills to the fullest.. understand the lay of the land.. enter the world of Zon..  

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