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A new sub-section entitled “single session / bangers” has been added to the 2019 – Present tattoo gallery. More images have also been added to the single-session archive.

June 2021

Stoked about the projects coming up for this month, it’ll be a lot of fun. The space has really come together.. working on a few big art pieces to hang up in the studio.. there have been other pieces added to the space and I’m going to figure out how I want to present those on the site.

Loaded Magickzines

Super fun podcast that I’m doing with Colton Adams (@colt.of.the.occult) and Josh Jones (@thefocoshinobi).. we’ll be talking about the occult, magick, mysticism, ancient cultures, psychedelics, metaphysics, sacred geometry, alien tech, strange military experiments, unexplained phenomena and many other topics, all while blasting our way across the Fortnite landscape. All bets are off.. ..check it out on YouTube at Loaded Magickzines..

Loaded Magickzines, Episode 2 re-cap:

music by NIN, “06 Ghosts I”

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