Books –

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The Aen Chronicles is a story-universe that I created from the very first pages of Ae: Saga of Brge in 2006 to the last finishing touches in Mechs / Locations 03 in the beginning of 2015.  These books and related material such as prints and t-shirts were showcased at comic conventions such as Comic Con San Diego / Comic-con International (San Diego, CA), Phoenix Comicon (Phoenix, AZ), WonderCon (San Fransisco, CA / Anaheim, CA), Stan Lee’s Comikaze (Los Angeles, CA) and Alternative Press Expo (San Fransisco, CA) between 2010 and 2015.  Though the main graphic novel, Ae: Saga of Brge is technically discontinued, I still have a limited number of copies that can be purchased through PayPal or can be viewed at La Familia Tattoo where I work.

I also have limited numbers of Mechs / Locations 01, 02 and 03 that can also be purchased through PayPal or can be viewed at the shop.

Prints –

The print collection currently contains sci-fi works from the Aen Chronicles project.

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Skateboards –

New decks –
I’ve had a few of these decks since the summer, sold a couple, but this was always going to be an extremely limited run. Based on the Psy-Goddess Azure and a picture simply titled Storm II, these decks are known as the Blues. I’ll be printing some new decks in the future…
All-Seeing Skulls (out of stock) –
This has been an ongoing project of mine for a long time now and is an exploration of the human condition through the use of symbolism, “all-seeing” skulls in this case.  This run is out of stock.