I thought for sure I’d be able to post more frequently in this section and maybe I will, but things have been intensely busy for me lately. A good busy though. There’s so much new content and pics that hopefully something will be posted soon lol.

I’m not posting as much on Instagram anymore, however, I’ll be keeping that page up, since it has proven to be a relatively useful communication tool. Hope you all have an awesome week!


These last few days have been an absolute mindf*ck .. stoked to be working with the crew at Under the Bridge Tattoo Studio again, a lot of upcoming cool stuff is being projected, which is always exciting.. couple of highlights from the last couple of days:

Got this super rad liner in the mail from Mike Schaefer (@mikeflyingirons)… pretty excited to use this thing; I’ve been getting into single coil machines lately and this matches out my single coil shader (also built by him).  Got to finish up this super fun Adventure Zone piece on my client Stella, which I’m really happy about.. check out the show if you’re into role-playing, really cool stuff! ..and in context to role-playing, this brings up the next segment of this post: was awesome getting to enter a new D&D campaign this afternoon with the UtB crew and friends, it’s exactly what I needed to decompress and start releasing all the tension from this last week. It’s cool playing a barbarian, a class that I’ve never really played either in tabletop or video games. Excited to see where this campaign goes..

..I’m really stoked to be working on such cool and inspirational projects. Above is concept work for my client Jess, who has gotten extensive cover-up work for a half-sleeve. Thank you so much to all of you who have trusted me with your works, you are appreciated.


A new dawn awaits…  it’s been a while since I’ve kept a journal of sorts on this site. There are several projects I’m currently working on outside of tattooing and I’m excited to start bringing them into the light soon.  Looking forward to seeing what the future reveals.