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hours: appointment only (contact to set up an appointment or consultation.. if you have my number, feel free to text)

Instagram: @astralworkshop

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Astral Workshop, LLC is a private, appointment only studio that is a licensed vendor through the City of Fort Collins and is BBP certified. The studio does not advertise and outreach is done through old fashioned word-of-mouth and sharing stories. I’ve reached a point in my career where I want to manifest the next evolutionary step in my artistic process by focusing inward, to draw conceptual energy from the raw and intense worlds of the inner mind, the sub-conscious.. which opens up to the multiverse. As above, so below.

I look forward to seeing what is created.. ita est.

Setting up a tattoo:

Tattoos by appointment only. Consultations are scheduled first for new projects, which will go through a process of selection; not all projects are taken on. Deposits to get art going for a new project start at $80. Make sure to eat and be fully hydrated before getting tattooed. It helps to bring a snack and a sports drink / water with you to your appointment.

If you need to reschedule or cancel, a notification of a minimum 24 hours is appreciated.

Deposit policies:

  • If you arrive to your appointment later than 15 minutes with no notification, the deposit will be forfeit and a new deposit will be needed to get the process for your tattoo going again.
  • If a deposit is held on artwork for longer than 6 months with no tattoo work being done, it will be forfeit and a new deposit will be needed to get you on the books.
  • Canceling two consecutive times, regardless of ample notice, will forfeit your deposit and a new deposit will be needed to get you on the books. Special circumstances are considered. 


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