Rob Carter – Tattoo Artist / Illustrator / Builder


hours: appointment only (contact to set up an appointment or consultation.. if you have my number, feel free to text)

Instagram: @astralworkshop

ArtStation: RobtheTattooer   (

Astral Workshop, LLC is a private, appointment only studio that is a licensed vendor through the City of Fort Collins and is BBP certified. The studio does not advertise and outreach is done through old fashioned word-of-mouth and sharing stories.

I look forward to seeing what is created.. ita est.

Setting up a tattoo:

Tattoos by appointment only. Consultations are scheduled first for new projects, which will go through a process of selection; not all projects are taken on. Deposits to get art going for a new project start at $80. Make sure to eat and be fully hydrated before getting tattooed. It helps to bring a snack and a sports drink / water with you to your appointment. 

Machine builds:

I build machines to gain more control over my process, that’s it. I’ve built machines for colleagues, but it’s not something I’m pursuing full time right now. Feel free to hit me up if you’re interested in a potential build.

Scratchers need not inquire.

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