Tree-flesh Renderings

LAUNCH Community Skateboarding Charity Decks,
2017 / 2018 “All Hands on Deck” art shows (sold) –
Bread and Boards Charity Drive for Larimer County Food Bank, hosted by Sears Trostel Lumber & Millwork / art breadboard (sold) –
The Blue Duo (out of stock) –
I’ve had a few of these decks since the summer, sold a couple, but this was always going to be an extremely limited run. Based on the Psy-Goddess Azure and a picture simply titled Storm II, these decks are known as the Blues. I’ll be printing some new decks in the future…
All-Seeing Skulls (out of stock) –
This has been an ongoing project of mine for a long time now and is an exploration of the human condition through the use of symbolism, “all-seeing” skulls in this case.  This run is out of stock: