Astral Workshop is a diverse polygon entity designed by Rob Carter to encapsulate his tattoo, illustrative and conceptual creations. The realm of tattooing is Rob’s primary focus and he’s been pursuing it as a professional tattoo artist for the last 13 years. Rob is a resident artist at La Familia Tattoo in Fort Collins, CO; he is constantly doing research, pushing himself within the understanding of artistic theory, application and conceptual development. Aside from tattooing, Rob works in other forms of expressive media, such as illustration, painting, story-telling, photography and music.

Rob identifies himself stylistically as a dark surrealist, with heavy emphasis in geometric and occult flavorings. He’s at home working in monochromatic applications, but also enjoys the possibilities that color pieces have to offer. Rob puts his all into every project he commits himself to and when given freedom to maneuver in the developmental process, will take the concept as far into the wide, vast depths of the imaginative expanse as he can.

To contact Rob, refer to the Contact section of this site.