“It feels good to be alive…!”  -Nergal of Behemoth

So true..


I’m gonna be playing around with the format of the site over the next couple of weeks.. I have a ton of new material to be added to the tattoo and illustration sections, though I might be breaking up the illustrations section altogether and merging it in with something else. Currently, the site format fits better on smart phones, so I’ll be looking into the best format to go across all three platforms for desktops / laptops, tablets and smart phones.. I’ve also got a huge project that I’ve been working on that hasn’t been mentioned at all and I’m looking to debut it at either Estes Park comic con or more likely Fort Collins comic con…

Mystic Mustang, Estes Park CO (July 6 – 8)


I’m stoked to announce I’ll be working a guest spot at my buddy Angelina’s (instagram: @angelinatattoos) new shop, Mystic Mustang Tattoo in Estes Park. The days I’ll be there are July 6 – 8… to all those who are interested in getting tattooed while I’m up there, contact the Mystic Mustang Tattoo shop or contact me directly to set something up.

I’m creating a new section to the site called “Workshop“.. it’ll cover the mechanical side of my tattooing pursuits..

Below is a Welker frame I refinished and built up as a fast liner with alternative coils and capacitor:

Dark Stars set 1, one design left:

I’m super stoked that this set has worked out as well as it has… with 3 out of 4 of the designs taken, it’d be awesome to see this set completed with the last design available (pictured in the middle) being tattooed. This last one is affectionately known as the “Head of Portals”.. the others already done, from left to right are “The Cosmic Goddess”, “Star Crystals” and “Dark Psilocybe”.. if you’re interested you can reach me through the Contact page.






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